Ruah Community Services is one part of a much broader network of organisations, groups and individuals that together constitute Civil Society. We could not function without the generosity, commitment and goodwill of the WA community.

Ruah is registered as a charitable organisation for the purpose of tax deductibility of donations of $2 or over.

Donations are used to help cover the costs of the services and projects Ruah delivers.

Large Donations or Bequests

If you are considering making a large donation or bequest to Ruah Community Services please contact

Communication & Partnerships
Ph: 94853939

Cash Donations

To make a cash donation please visit our secure payment service via the ‘Donate Now’ link at the top of each page.

Secure Online Donations:

If you would like to contribute to assist participants in Ruah services, you can do so safely via our Secure Online facility. We will send a Tax Receipt to each donor. All donations of $2 or over are tax deductible.

If you would like any further information before deciding to make a donation, please contact Ruah on 9485 3939.