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Service History

A Tradition of Care...

Ruah Community Services has its origins in the work of the Daughters of Charity - a world-wide Congregation of women in the Catholic Christian tradition.

Today, Ruah is a medium-size non-Government organisation in Perth with around 210 staff and a turnover of $16 million. In its 50 years of operation it has consistently delivered quality services with a developmental edge and has enjoyed the respect of various client groups, other service providers and multiple Commonwealth and State Government departments.

Ruah is committed to working in partnership with people marginalised by mainstream society to enable them to overcome their disadvantage, improve the quality of their lives, enhance their spirit and participate more fully in the community. Ruah is also committed to advocacy in areas of social policy to improve the social fabric of our society.

Ruah begins by building a relationship with the people we work with, focusing on their strengths to increase their skills, confidence and capacities so they can deal with the complications in their lives. At the same time we remain committed to providing grassroots, professional and easy to access services, to walk and work alongside the individual or family in a genuine partnership of solidarity.

Ruah seeks to make a difference and actively encourages both workers and clients to be agents of change and of hope for the better. Ruah continuously seeks improvement and innovation in the provision of service to the community.

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