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Ruah Safe at Home Program

Ruah Safe at Home Program-South East Corridor

The aim of the Safe at Home Program is to support women and children who have experienced domestic violence to stay in their housing in the south east corridor of Perth, when it is safe to do so. The program is based on an individual assessment of risk and safety to allow women to make an informed choice about staying in their home after violence.

Women are linked with mainstream services to assist them to maintain stable housing. The program provides an integrated model of service delivery for women and children depending on need and safety, including:

  • Providing written and/or telephone information to women – including support, safety checks, and safety planning;
  • Linking clients with a wide range of services to address individual needs;
  • Comprehensive risk and safety assessments, audits and safety planning, allowing women to make an informed choice in relation to remaining in their home;
  • Support, including upgrades of security to the home, to allow women to stay safe at home;
  • Links to safe and secure alternative accommodation including refuge accommodation should the situation become unsafe.
  • Safe at Home workers ensure women and children can move seamlessly through components of service delivery and receive the most appropriate support for their needs.

Safe at Home services work in collaboration with the perpetrator service ‘Breathing Space’ and the WA Police in order to maximise safety for women and children.

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