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Aboriginal Framework

Ruah has a Strategic Framework for working with Aboriginal People.

Ruah holds a position of solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and a commitment to making a contribution to the vision and aspirations they have for an improved quality of life, honouring of culture, spirituality and place in Australian society.

As an organisation, Ruah has been on a journey to embed this commitment into its organisational culture, staff and service programs since the mid 1990’s. Ruah has an ongoing Aboriginal Strategic Framework that includes Practice Standards and an Annual Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

The Framework is based around 3 objectives:

Providing a culturally competent workforce

Providing culturally secure services and programs

Embedding an organisational culture that is committed to the Framework

Some key aspects of the current direction of Ruah’s journey include:

Developing an Aboriginal Recruitment and Retention Strategy

Maintaining protocols around Acknowledgement of Country and Welcome to Country ceremonies

Continuous pursuit of improvements in providing culturally secure services

Using Ruah infrastructure to support Aboriginal partnership projects and;

Engaging staff in cultural learning to increase understanding and appreciation of different cultural backgrounds

Some examples include:

Guest speakers on the theme of Reconciliation (Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal)

Local guided walks with Aboriginal Elders

Four session courses, with an Aboriginal Elder, tracing the life of an Aboriginal person from birth to death and beyond

In future years, it is anticipated that the Reconciliation Action Plan will form a key component of our ongoing goals as an organisation.