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Ruah Inreach Local Teams

What are Ruah Inreach Local Service Teams?

Ruah Inreach supports people to meet their psychosocial and mental health goals, improve their quality of life, and enhance their recovery journey by providing tailor-made interventions relevant to the client's goals.

The core work is based on a relationship developed through regular one to one contact with an individual, and their family where relevant. Service delivery is community based and the work occurs in the individual/family's own home environment, community setting or location of choice.


Ruah Inreach receives its funding through both the State and Commonwealth.

1. Mental Health Commission.

2. FaHCSIA - Personal Helpers and Mentor's Program.

The Personal Helpers and Mentor Team builds on the principles of the Ruah Local Service Teams approach and extends the capacity of the local teams to reach further into the community with particular focus on Indigenous and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people in the regions.

Who do the Local Teams work assist?

Ruah Inreach provides a service for individuals between the ages of 16 to 65 years who live with a diagnosed mental health disorder or are experiencing early episode psychosis, who have medical/clinical support, live in the Ruah Inreach designated areas and require psychosocial support on a voluntary basis.

What do the Local Teams offer?

Ruah Inreach offers each person a free and confidential service with ongoing one-to-one contact in their own home or in other suitable places in the community. The service is tailored to meet each person's specific circumstances, needs and goals. Ruah provides comprehensive psychosocial support commonly working in the following areas:

  • Ongoing assessment and regular reviews
  • Complex social issues:
    • Quality of life aspirations
    • Social isolation and loneliness
    • Relationship challenges
    • Family concerns
    • Social disadvantage and stigma
  • Health issues:
    • Mental health
    • Physical health
    • Substance use
    • Recovery and Wellbeing
  • Psychological issues
    • Low self-esteem
    • Motivation
    • Loss and grief
    • Impact of childhood and adult trauma
  • Assistance to access:
    • Community resources
    • Housing
    • Recreation
    • Specific counselling
    • Education, training and employment
  • Development of personal, social and living skills
  • Exploration of an individual's unique spiritual experience
  • Participation in a range of worker and peer led recovery group activities.

Where are the Local Teams located?

Local teams are located in the Lower North (consisting of Inner City, Subiaco, Osborne Park and Mirrabooka), Fremantle, Maddington and Rockingham Health Service areas.

How to access the Ruah Inreach Local Teams

Requests for service are accepted from a variety of sources, including public mental health services, private psychiatrists and general practitioners. To access the service, a request for service form is completed by the referrer and potential client, and sent to the relevant office, or if unclear to Head Office. The local team will contact the referrer acknowledging receipt of the request and arrange to visit the person to exchange information about Ruah Inreach and make a decision about receiving the service.

Forms and Pamphlets

Contact Us:
Manager Ruah Senior Program Manager
Michael McCrystal
GPO Box 2828
West Perth WA 6872
Phone: 9485 3939

Team Manager - Inner City
Robyn Hamilton
GPO Box 2828
West Perth WA 6872

Team Manager - Lower North
Glenda Hickey
Referral Coordinator
Siobhan Burka
PO Box 584
Mt Hawthorn 6915

Team Manager - Armadale
Penny Tucker
PO Box 446
Maddington 6989
Phone: 9485 3939

Team Manager - Rockingham
Sean Gardyne
PO Box 581
Rockingham 6968

Team Manager - Fremantle
Olwyn Craske
PO Box 312
South Fremantle 6162
Phone: 6189 3308

Team Manager - Mandurah
Annette Cotton
PO Box 3030
Mandurah East 6210
Phone: 9534 8680