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Environmental Sustainability

Ruah has a commitment to environmental sustainability that is backed up by planned action.

Ruah is one of the first community services organisations to begin the carbon neutral journey. We have shown consistent commitment to the environment and consider it essential to core business to live lightly on the Earth. In 2006 Ruah initiated this journey with a Sustainability Taskforce which produced the first framework.

Our core objectives:

- Reduce energy use

- Reduce the impact of vehicle use

- Encourage reduce, reusing and recycling

- Greener and conscious purchasing

- Incorporating sustainability into organisational life

The framework progressed with a series of energy audits, the formation of an internal ‘Green Team’, and the appointment a sustainability project worker. The green message is visible throughout the organisation, from the bokashi bins at each site, to the increasing percentage of hybrid vehicles. Ruah is in the process of integrating the framework into all areas of organisational life, including the provision of learning opportunities for staff and client work, and retrofitting our premises.