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What is Ruah Tenancy Support - South East Corridor

Ruah Tenancy Support is a free service that assists individuals and families to maintain stable private rental housing in the south east corridor of Perth.

Who does Ruah Tenancy Support - South East Corridor Assist?

The service supports families / individuals in the community who may experience:

  • Risk of eviction due to a breach or termination notice that has been received from the Landlord or Property Manager
    Difficulty maintaining a private rental tenancy, e.g. keeping up with rent, maintaining property standards, taking care of damage/ maintenance issues, dealing with neighbours etc
  • Risk of receiving a breach or eviction due to underlying life concerns affecting the tenancy, e.g. income, loss of employment, crisis, mental/physical health, family/ relationship breakdown, domestic violence, legal, lack of social supports, drug and alcohol use.
  • Homelessness and want support to settle, maintain and manage a new home with confidence.

What does Ruah Tenancy Support Offer?

Ruah Tenancy Support works in partnership with tenants and their Property Manager / Landlord to ensure vulnerable private rental relationships are strengthened and maintained to meet the needs of both parties; with the overall aim of homelessness being reduced.

Individuals and families who access Ruah Tenancy Support are allocated a Tenancy Support Worker. The Tenancy Support Worker will be able to discuss the short and longer term individual needs of the household members, and plan how to work together to achieve the following goals;

  • Stability and strengthen the tenancy to prevent homelessness
  • Increased skills and knowledge for long term home management
  • Links to community resources and services that address underlying life concerns which impact upon the tenancy or previous tenancies.

    How to access the Ruah Tenancy Support Programs

  • Ruah Tenancy Support- South East Corridor

    Self referral is encouraged direct to the service. Written referral forms are also available for service providers and Real Estate Agents / Landlords. A message may be sent to the Team Coordinator Rieki Rolle on Phone: 08 9493 5021

  • Ruah- Tenancy Fast-Track Project (SE Corridor)

    For enquiries on how to access the service and referral pathways call the Team Coordinator Rieki Rolle on Phone: 08 9493 5021

  • Contact Us

    Phone: 08 9493 5021


    Postal Address: GPO Box 2828, West Perth WA 6872