Aboriginal Partnerships

Ruah intentionally seeks to engage and work effectively with Aboriginal people. We hold a priority for Aboriginal Australians, and our competencies in working with Aboriginal people come from our fundamental workforce development strategies:

  • Core values of respect, grass-roots, integrity, partnership, and creativity underpin all service delivery for effective work with cultural differences and issues of diversity;
  • Workers are required to proactively gain an appreciation of the worldview and experiences of people who present with cultural and/or linguistic differences;
  • Workers receive supervision, training and support to enhance their capacity to work with difference and diversity;
  • Ruah builds links with Aboriginal specific services that clients identify with in order for them to have the support of more culturally specific agencies and ensure that their needs are addressed;
  • Ruah uses the practice of retaining ‘cultural consultants/interpreters’ who act as a bridge for the client (and worker) to their cultural community, or to advise the worker on the cultural issues involved in the situation.

Click to view or download the following resources:

Ruah’s Reconciliation Statement

Learn more about useful Aboriginal terms

Ten things to know about Aboriginal people

Cultural Security information sheet

The Ruah Aboriginal Wellbeing flyer

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Looking Forward Project

The Looking Forward project aims to develop a culturally-safe mental health service framework that will benefit the community, and provide a benchmark for more effective mental health services to Aboriginal people.

The project is a partnership between Ruah Community Services and the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, public and non-government service providers, general practitioners, and other health professions.

The project has used a participatory action research process with community engagement and consultations in the South-East Corridor of Western Australia.

Download the Looking Forward Project information sheet.

Wadjuk Boodja Gateway Corporation Partnership (WBGAC)

Ruah Community Services is supporting the development of The Wadjuk Boodja Aboriginal Corporation (WBGAC).

WBGAC seeks to provide culturally secure Aboriginal leadership in the Perth metropolitan area. The Corporation has the following objectives:

  • The promotion of cultural heritage; and
  • Community development and advocacy with respect to legislation, policy, programs and services that support Wadjuk Nyoongars and other Aboriginal people residing in the Perth metropolitan area.
  • Improving the employment outcomes of Wadjuk Noongars, and of other Aboriginal residents of the Perth metropolitan area

Reconciliation Action Plan (RECAP)

Ruah endeavours to engage the head, heart and hands in the journey of reconciliation between Aboriginal (and Torres Strait Islander people) and non-Aboriginal Australians, in order to make a contribution to the realisation of a shared humanity and future. In 2013 Ruah launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

A subsequent RECAP 2014-2016 has, as a central feature, the implementation of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment and Retention Strategy.

Click here to view Ruah’s Reconciliation Action Plan 2014-2016