Housing & Homelessness

Ruah’s Housing and Homelessness team provides services in the areas of housing and homelessness, family and domestic violence, and working with women in prison and exiting prison. We operate three facility-based inner-city services, as well as providing mobile outreach services that cover both the greater Perth region and south-east metropolitan corridor.

We undertake advocacy and partnership work to improve the housing situation and quality of life of people facing disadvantage in the community.

We are also committed to undertaking evaluation, research, and development activities, and actively link with stakeholders and networks in other states to collectively work toward the improvement of outcomes for people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.

The foundations of this Division’s work lies with Ruah’s original founders, The Daughters of Charity, who engaged with homeless people on the streets of Perth in 1956, and established a meal/day centre in 1959, as well as a Night Shelter for women in 1960.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Advocacy.
  • Crisis assistance.
  • Family and domestic violence situations.
  • Accommodation and housing.
  • Legal matters.
  • Psychological and emotional issues.
  • Social and living skills.
  • Community network building.
  • Independent living.
  • Tenancy support.
  • Risk and safety assessments.

Our programs are delivered in the Perth metropolitan area, with some programs available only in specific areas.



Ruah Centre

The Ruah Centre is an inner-city day centre for adults that provides access to showers, computers, telephones, activities, hot drinks, toast, and fruit. There are many visiting services which provide specialised advice and support at the Centre, including: The Mobile GP, Street Law, and the Centrelink Community Team. Please phone or ask staff for further information.

Ruah Centre is a service for all men and women who are homeless ,or at risk of becoming homeless, and:

  • Are over the age of 20 years.
  • Are on a low income.
  • Have mental health issues.
  • Have problematic alcohol or substance use issues.
  • Are socially isolated.
  • Have any other needs or issues.

We can provide information and referrals to a range of support services. All people are welcome; regardless of culture, background, religion, beliefs, sexuality, or disability.


Please ‘drop in’ to the Centre between 9am and 1pm, Monday to Friday. If you are new to the Service, please make yourself known to one of the members of staff who will show you around and discuss your needs.

For further information or enquiries, please visit our Help Desk.

Download the Ruah Centre flyer


Address: 33 Shenton Street Northbridge WA 6003
Phone: 08 9328 7682
Fax: 08 9328 9130

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South-East Tenancy

Ruah South-East Tenancy provides a free mobile service assisting individuals and families in the south-east corridor of Perth, to maintain and sustain private rental tenancies.

Ruah South-East Tenancy supports families and individuals in the community who may:

  • Have received a breach or termination notice, and a legal termination process has started.
  • Be having difficulty maintaining a private rental tenancy, e.g. keeping up with rent, maintaining property standards, taking care of damage/maintenance issues, dealing with neighbours, etc.
  • Be finding it difficult to maintain a private rental tenancy due to health, financial, or other reasons.
  • Have recently moved into a new private rental after a period of homelessness, and want support to settle into the new home and community.
  • Be ‘private rental ready’ and need support to find a new private rental.

The Ruah South-East Tenancy team works in partnership with tenants and their property manager or landlord to ensure that vulnerable private rental relationships are strengthened and maintained in order to meet the needs of both parties; with the overall aim of homelessness being reduced.


Self-referrals are encouraged, and can be made directly to Ruah South-East Tenancy. Written referral forms are also available for service providers and Real Estate Agents and Landlords.

SE Tenancy Support request for service form
SE Tenancy Support referral form for Tenants
SE Tenancy Support referral form for Tenancy Fast Track

Download the SE Tenancy Support flyer

For further information or enquiries, please visit Ruah Help Desk.


The Manager
Mail: PO Box 446 Maddington WA 6898
Phone: 08 9493 5021

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Street To Home Program

Ruah’s Street To Home Program is located at the Ruah Centre. The Street To Home Program is an integrated response to the accommodation, general health, mental health, and other support needs of people sleeping rough by eight specialist homelessness services and a mental health mobile clinical outreach team (MCOT). All agencies work in partnership to assist people sleeping rough to access stable housing, and address issues surrounding their homelessness to achieve positive, long term outcomes, and an improved quality of life.

Assertive Outreach Workers are the primary point-of-contact for the Street To Home Program. Ruah Assertive Outreach Workers make initial contact with people sleeping rough, wherever they are in inner-city Perth, accept referrals from mainstream and specialist service providers, and are directly linked with the mental health Mobile Clinical Outreach Team (MCOT), and Street to Home Housing Support Workers

The Street to Home Program is available to people 18+ years of age who:

  • Are primary homeless (rough sleepers) without conventional accommodation (living on the streets, in deserted buildings, improvised dwellings, in parks, laneways etc;
  • Qualify for a Centrelink benefit;
  • Are in Perth or Fremantle inner-city areas (Fremantle area covered by St Patrick’s Community Support Centre).

Ruah Assertive Outreach Workers have the capability to undertake street based shifts to connect with clients at different times during the day, dependent on their needs.

The Ruah Assertive Housing Support Worker is directly linked with the Assertive Outreach Workers and MCOT. This worker provides intensive support to assist people sleeping rough to find stable accommodation, and connect them to a range of support services to ensure the accommodation is successfully maintained.

Download the Street to Home Mainstream Services flyer
Download the Street to Client Information flyer

* Please note the Street to Home Program is not a crisis response service*

For assistance in a crisis, please call Crisis Care on 08 9223 1111


Ruah Street To Home
Address: 33 Shenton Street Northbridge WA 6003
Phone 08 9328 5933
Fax: 08 0328 9130


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Support and Tenant Education Program (STEP)

What is Ruah STEP?

Ruah STEP is a free service provided to individuals and families in public housing who are experiencing difficulties that are impacting on their tenancy.

Ruah is a non-government agency contracted by the Department of Housing to provide support and assistance to tenants.

Support is tailored and flexible to meet the needs of individuals and families. Ruah Tenant Support Workers meet with clients in their home, or any other preferred setting in the community. Contact is weekly, or as agreed by the tenant. Support planning guides the work with tenants so that the work is purposeful and goal-orientated.

How can Ruah help?

Ruah employs a number of Tenant Support Workers to provide the STEP service. These workers have a range of experience, skills and qualifications to support Department of Housing tenants.

Ruah Tenant Support Workers approach their work with a non-judgmental attitude, and are respectful of your individual situation and home environment.

Ruah Tenant Support Workers can assist you to deal with issues such as

  • Understanding your obligations and responsibilities under your tenancy agreement;
  • How to improve and maintain your property to a standard acceptable to the Department of Housing;
  • Assistance to develop a budget and referral to Ruah Financial Counsellor, if required;
  • How to manage visitors that are creating problems or resulting in complaints from neighbours;
  • Support to deal with personal issues that are impacting on your tenancy.

How you can contact Ruah STEP to find out more about the service:

  • Download the Ruah STEP flyer
  • Telephone: 08 6189 3171
  • Email:
  • Ask your Housing Services Officer from the Department of Housing for more information about STEP and discuss with them if you could benefit from participation or referral.
  • Feel free to contact Ruah to find out more about the service before deciding if you would like to be referred to the Program


STEP is funded by the Department of Housing

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