Mental Health Support Services

Ruah mental health is a non-government community based service which provides a range of holistic recovery support programs to people who experience mental illness, their families and carers.

Over the last twenty years, we have developed a comprehensive range of personal support services that offer a whole-of-life approach to recovery, and consider all aspects of life, including: family and social support, culture and spirituality, financial, employment, education, housing and accommodation, access to resources, social inclusion, and connection to the community.

Our services are flexible, confidential, and mobile. Our staff will meet you in your home, or at a place that is convenient for you. Service delivery is focused in the Perth metro area, with some programs only available in specific locations.

Our Commitment

Ruah is committed to genuine quality care. We employ a diverse range of qualified staff including people with lived experience, and have supervision and reflective practice processes in place to ensure you receive the service that best meets your needs.

General Eligibility

Our programs are suitable for:

  • People aged 16 years and over, who experience mental illness, trauma, and associated problems.
  • Residents living in the Perth metropolitan area, including Mandurah.

Each service has its own eligibility criteria, for more information contact us to find out which service best suits your needs.

Ruah is also a Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMS) service provider – Link here to find out more.

Download the Ruah Mental Health brochure
Download the Ruah Families flyer
Download the Ruah Youth flyer
Download the Ruah Aboriginal Wellbeing flyer
Download the Ruah CaLD flyer


Mental Health Administration
Mail: GPO Box 2828
West Perth WA 6872
Phone: 08 9485 3939

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Local Inreach Program

Ruah’s Local Inreach Program provides flexible personal support for people living with mental illness to meet their mental health and social goals, improve their quality of life, and enhance their recovery journey.

This involves face-to-face contact in the home or choice of location, connecting people to their community, and strengthening people’s natural supports.

The service is available for people aged 16 years and over who live with a diagnosed mental health problem or are experiencing early episode psychosis, or are identifying significant indicators of mental illness. Our team also supports those who have existing medical/clinical support, or are willing to link with medical support, live in the Local Inreach Program designated areas, and require psychosocial support on a voluntary basis.

We offer each person a free and confidential service, with ongoing one-to-one contact in their own home or in other suitable places in the community. The service is tailored to meet each person’s specific circumstances, needs, and goals.


Referrals are accepted from family or friends, psychiatrists, general practitioners, and other service providers. Self referrals are also accepted. To access the service, a Request For Service form is completed by the referrer and potential participant, and sent to the relevant office. The local team will contact the referrer acknowledging receipt of the request and arrange to visit the person to exchange information about our Local Inreach Program, and make a decision about receiving the service. For further enquiries or for more information on making a referral, please visit our Help Desk.

Download the Inreach referral form
Download the Inreach request for information
Download the Local Inreach fact sheet
Ruah Mental Health Brochure


Head Office
Michael McCrystal, Senior Program Manager
Mail: GPO Box 2828 West Perth WA 6872
Phone: 08 9485 3939

Inner City
Robyn Hamilton, Manager
Mail: GPO Box 2828 West Perth WA 6872
Phone: 08 9485 3939

Lower North
Glenda Hickey, Manager
Mail: PO Box 584 Mount Hawthorn WA 6915
Phone: 08 9208 0501

Sean Gardyne, Manager
Mail: PO Box 581 Rockingham WA 6968
Phone: 08 9591 3300

Olwyn Craske, Manager
Mail: PO Box 312 South Fremantle WA 6162
Phone: 08 9485 3939

Jennifer Murphy , Manager
Mail: PO Box 446 Maddington WA 6989
Phone: 08 9485 3939

Kay Hlaing, Manager
Mail: PO Box 3030 Mandurah East WA 6210
Phone: 08 9534 8680

Inside Out
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Intensive Support

Ruah’s Intensive Support program offers a metropolitan area-wide service for people who are experiencing severe and persistent mental health problems, homelessness, chaotic lifestyle, and have multiple unmet needs. The support is individualised, drawing on a range of models to meet the person’s and family’s needs, with a focus on linking people into both clinical and community supports.

The program is called ‘Intensive’ as it offers one-to-one support for people who have higher support needs, and/or face challenging life circumstances. Our focus is on linking them with appropriate clinical care and accessing ongoing supports in the community. The Intensive Program has been designed for people who live with severe and persistent mental illness, and:

  • Face complex problems or life circumstances.
  • Need support to get through a period of crisis.
  • Are homeless, or moving around a lot.
  • Need help to find accommodation.
  • Have spent time in prison, or are leaving prison.
  • Face multiple health problems or illnesses.
  • Are worried about their drug or alcohol use.
  • Feel sad, hopeless, or suicidal.
  • Experience conflict with family or others.


Referrals to the Intensive Program are made by family and friends, as well as health professionals and other service agencies. Learn more about the steps for making a referral.

Download the Intensive Support referral process
Download the Intensive Support info sheet
Download the Ruah Mental Health brochure

For further information or enquiries, please visit our Help Desk


Kellie McGhie, Manager
Mail: GPO Box 2828 West Perth WA 6872
Phone: 08 9485 3939

MH Inreach 
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Individualised Community Living Strategy (ICLS)

The Individualised Community Living Strategy is funded by the WA Mental Health Commission to assist people to live independently in their own home, and provides a tailored person centred approach to mental health support services.

ICLS participants who choose Ruah as their service provider, receive a dedicated Community Mental Health Support Worker who provides practical support to navigate the system and negotiate services and goods on their behalf.

The ICLS journey starts with developing an individualised plan, which is used as a guide to purchase goods and services and support each individuals recovery journey. Support workers  work closely with each participants to set realistic goals and work alongside them to live well in the community.

At Ruah, ICLS participants also have the choice to access our Peer Support Program, and have the support of someone with lived experience of mental illness and recovery. Some goals that people have worked on include:

  • Getting physically active and participating in recreation activities.
  • Linking to Community based activities and other areas of interest
  • Going for driving lessons and accessing public transport
  • Computer skills and navigating the internet.

In 2013, an evaluation of the ICLS program at Ruah found that participants, experienced

  • increased independence
  • increased connection to the community
  • reduced hospital admissions
  • and increased choice and control

The following story follows the journey of Narelle’s experience on the ICLS at Ruah:

Narelle’s Story– Find out how with Ruah’s support Narelle was able to develop a personal recovery plan to live independently with her son in her own home; get motivated and connect back into community based recreation activities again.

Information for Current ICLS Participants

This information is for people who are currently participating in the ICLS at Ruah, it covers information on what to expect while you are receiving the service, your house, and what to do when things change.

ICLS Info for Individuals


Participants for the ICLS are identified by the WA Mental Health Commission.

WA Mental Health Commission
Phone: (08) 6272 1200
Fax: (08) 6272 1299
Postal Address: GPO Box X2299 Perth Business Centre WA 6847

Ruah Contact

Kellie McGhie, Manager
Mail: GPO Box 2828 West Perth WA 6872
Phone: 08 9485 3939

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Early Episode Psychosis Program

Ruah’s Early Episode Psychosis (EEP) Program is a specialist program dedicated to early detection and intervention for people in the early stages of psychosis. The program represents a system of care based on a partnership between the government and non-government sector.

Our EEP program supports people experiencing psychosis on their recovery journey and provides a holistic, professional service that works on mutual respect and understanding, while promoting recovery for people experiencing first episode psychosis.

We assist people who:

  • Are between the ages of 18 and 40 years.
  • Live in PARK Mental Health service areas.
  • Are experiencing psychotic symptoms.
  • Have had less than 2 years of treatment.

The program offers:

  • One-on-one work.
  • Family work.
  • Social and recreational groups.
  • A quarterly family support group.
  • Support for a maximum of three years.
  • A culturally-sensitive environment.


People may access the service through Mimidi Park Inpatient Unit and PARK Mental Health, however General Practitioners may make referrals to the Rockingham Kwinana Mental Health Service EEP Program. Our Early Episode team assesses the referral and notifies the referrer of the decision.

Download the EEP info sheet
Learn more about Mental Health Recovery

For further enquiries or for more information on making a referral, please visit our Help Desk.

Download the Ruah Mental Health brochure


Sean Gardyne, Manager
Mail: PO Box 581 Rockingham WA 6968
Phone: 08 9591 3300


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Ruah Recreation Program

Ruah Recreation is a Perth based service which aims to promote mental health and wellbeing by supporting people to participate in recreation activities. Using a wellness approach we offer a selection of popular community based group activities, as well as individual one-on-one support for people to participate in activities of their choice.

Specialists in mental health recovery, our group activities are a welcoming and friendly space where you can:

  • Participate in the activities you love to do
  • Share passion and interests with others
  • Try new activities in a supported way
  • Get out and about and connect to others
  • Improve physical health and wellbeing
  • Feel better in the mind and body

You can choose from:

  • Sport and fitness activities e.g. cycling, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, gym, walking
  • Art and leisure e.g. Tai Chi, arts and craft groups, bush walks
  • Social connection e.g. coffee clubs, meal groups and cultural outings
  • Health and wellness e.g. healthy eating and cooking classes, healthy lifestyle activities, meditation and holistic health

For a full list of groups and activities, eligibility criteria or referral please email or phone 08 9208 0508


Referrals are accepted from family or friends, mental health clinicians, general practitioners, and other service providers. Self referrals are also accepted.

Download Recreation Referral Form

Download Recreation Brochure


Recreation Team Leader

Phone: 08 9208 0508



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Peer Programs

Ruah offers a number of Peer Programs, including individual peer support and courses such as the Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) program.

Individual Peer Support

People already receiving mental health support services from Ruah are eligible for the individualised Peer Support Program. Supports are one-on-one and tailored to the individual’s personal goals. This service is delivered by Peer Support Workers, who have a unique understanding of mental health and can walk alongside the individual in their recovery journey. Peer support work has been linked with many benefits to individuals experiencing mental ill-health such as an increased sense of hope for recovery, independence and empowerment as well as reductions in self-stigma and hospital admission rates (Health Workforce Australia, 2014, Mental Health Peer Workforce Literature Scan).

Peer Support Workers are also able to provide 1:1 WRAP if requested.


WRAP is an internationally recognised evidence based mental health recovery program developed by Mary Ellen Copeland (PhD), an American woman who lives with the effects of mental illness. The program is suitable to anyone who experiences anxiety, depression or any other mental health difficulties and would like to learn practical mental health recovery skills.

One of the strengths of WRAP is that it has been developed by, and is delivered by, people who have had personal experience of living with mental illness. WRAP is based on the premise that recovery from mental illness is possible, and uses self-reflective processes to:

  • Develop personal awareness.
  • Decrease and prevent intrusive or troubling feelings and behaviours.
  • Increase personal empowerment.
  • Improve quality of life.
  • Assist people in achieving their life goals.

Ruah offers the WRAP program over eight weeks for 2.5 hours per week, with groups held in various locations across the Perth metropolitan area. The cost of the eight week program is $25.00 per person. This includes a workbook, plus a copy of Mary Ellen Copeland’s book WRAP. No formal referral is needed to attend a WRAP group. Phone or email registration is available.

Please link to our calendar of events to find out when and where the next WRAP program is being held.

Download the Program Overview and Evaluation
Download the Ruah Mental Health brochure


The WRAP Coordinator
Mail: GPO Box 2828 West Perth WA 6872
Phone: 08 9485 3939

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Perspectives On Children, Families & Mental Health

Perspectives On Children, Families & Mental Health is a dynamic resource unit specialising in the provision of information and current research and resources to support health and human sector services in Western Australia. We provide information and training, create opportunities for people to come together and share their knowledge and skills, and gather information and  to share across sectors.

We can act as a connection point to access information, raise issues, and encourage partnerships around specific issues. Funded and supported by the Mental Health Commission, our primary focus is to promote positive outcomes for children of parents experiencing a mental illness, and their families.

Our unit demonstrates the Mental Health Commissions ongoing commitment to ensuring a ‘good life’ for all members of a family. Where a parent experiences a mental illness providing them with support so that they can recognise and respond to their children’s changing needs will improve their short and long term physical, emotional, educational, social and mental health, and wellbeing outcomes.

  • We provide a link between research and professionals who work with people with a mental illness and their families.
  • We present quality workforce development training workshops based on latest research and evidence based practice.
  • We provide ongoing consultation and support to health and human service sectors.
  • We support networks working with children and families.
  • We work in partnership with other services and sectors to develop specific training.

Cross Sector Training

The objective of our workshops is to provide quality information and resources to support services and workers when working with children and parents who are experiencing a mental illness.

Our workshops are practical, explorative, and interactive, and provide an opportunity to share our knowledge to best meet the needs of children and their families.

Each workshops runs for a full day, and it is recommended that participants attend all three workshops for maximum benefit.

Reading 1: Overview of Mental Illness
Reading 2: Inside A Family Under Pressure

Supporting Knowledge Building

Perspectives will report about current work and new initiatives through presentations at conferences, forums, and network meetings at the local, state, national, and international level. We also like to support partners and others that we work with to share their knowledge through forums and presentations. We provide ongoing support to services and workers through:

Guiding Principles

  • Early intervention/prevention.
  • Parenting partnership.
  • Child-centred family focussed practice.
  • Strength based approach.
  • Mental health recovery.

Download the Perspectives Flyer

Download the Ruah Families flyer


Carol Clark, Manager
Mail: PO Box 584 Mount Hawthorn WA 6915
Phone: 08 9208 0505
Fax: 08 9443 9015

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Health Promotion & Community Development

Ruah is committed to promoting the health and social wellbeing of people and communities, through early intervention and prevention; and innovative projects that promote healthy lifestyles; build healthy communities  and address the social determinants of health.

Health promotion has been described as both an ‘art and science’ and involves a wide range of activities, including the development of campaigns and projects that are targeted towards an identified need or priority in a particular setting.

Current projects and activities

Our Wellbeing –  An innovative project promoting art and mental health in regional WA.  The project is supported by the Department of Culture and Arts, Lotterywest and Healthway to promote the Act Belong Commit message.

Secret Squirrel Business – is a practical resource that shares information and inspiration for mental health recovery. It includes an online website with inspiring videos from people with lived experience and a free book or guide, with over 30 000 already distributed across Australia.

Mental Health Week – Ruah contributes to mental health week through participation on the WA Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) Week organising committee and in local community based activities. This year Ruah worked in partnership with WAAMH and Edith Cowan University to deliver the first Mental Health Week Flash mob

Arts and Mental Health Network (AMHN) –  The AMHN was established in 2012 to improve the links, information sharing and support between public and non-government services working to improve the mental health and wellbeing and social inclusion of Western Australians, with art. Each year AMHN organisations unite to implement an exhibition in Mental Health Week.

Act-Belong-Commit in Recovery – Ruah is currently working with Act-Belong- Commit to trial the new Guide to Keeping Mentally Healthy with people who are recovering from mental illness.

Other activities include developing community partnerships as well as providing professional practice and development opportunities for staff and health promotion students.


Meagan Shand, Manager Health Promotion & Community Development
Mail: PO Box 584 Mount Hawthorn WA 6915
Phone: 08 9208 0519

MH community 
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Mental Health Information

Following is a selection of mental health information for you to download and share.

If you cant find the information you are looking for here then try the WA Mental Health Commission website , or contact Meagan Shand (Health Promotion Manager)

Info Sheet 1. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Info Sheet 2 Mental Illness and its Causes

Info Sheet 3 Talking about Mental Health

Info Sheet 4 Finding The Right Support

Info Sheet 5 Mental Health Recovery

Info Sheet 6 Ruah Recovery Toolbox

Info Sheet 7.Aboriginal Wellbeing

MH Resources

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